The Agile workflow

The agile workflow within Projects is broken up into 3 areas.

  1. Team Ideation
  2. Prioritize Testing
  3. Capture Learning

Team Ideation is a collaborative effort between everyone within a department, several departments, or your entire company. Team members can create and vote on their favorite ideas, which are reviewed each week at the growth meeting. We focus on the ideation process in this section

Prioritize Testing is predominately handled by the Growth Master during the weekly growth meeting. There, you set your weekly focus, and based on the growth lever you're focused on, you can pull up ideas related to that lever to set the tests you'll run for the week. We talk about tests in this section

Capture Learning happens once you've analyzed the results from previous tests. This allows you to create a knowledge base of what has worked, and what hasn't. While it's not required, we encourage people to share this knowledge within the Growth Hacker community. We talk about the knowledge base in this section


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