Why a good hypothesis is important

A hypothesis is a supposition or proposed explanation made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation. If you're familiar with the scientific method, this is something you generally base on previous observations, or the observations of others within the same industry vertical. In growth hacking, this is a very important step in validating whether an idea is testable. 

The hypothesis within an idea is also the description area, so you can fill this out when you first create an idea. Here are some important things to include, or to ask yourself, when generating a hypothesis for a test:

  1. Do you have any quantitative or qualitative data from your own users or other industry verticals that you can attribute to the likelihood of your test succeeding? 
  2. Are you avoiding unnecessary complications or applications to run your test? i.e. The theory that the simplest solution is generally the correct one
  3. Have you considered the scope of the application for that particular growth lever and channels? i.e. Can you justify the "ICE" score
  4. What, if any, effect would this tests' win have on other growth levers or channels?
  5. Can you link to any articles online of others running similar tests? (Check the Growth Hackers community!)

In short, The stronger the hypothesis, the higher the likelihood of your test becoming a win. 

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