What does AARRR stand for? Understanding growth levers

Otherwise known as "Pirate Metrics", AARRR stands for the five metrics used to track the performance of your business online. The five metrics are Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referrals, and Revenue. Each of these areas represents a growth lever that different groups within your business control and influence.  

Acquisition: How do users find you? This channel is predominantly influenced by your Marketing team.

Activation: Do users have a great first experience? This channel is influenced by Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success.

Retention: Do users come back? This channel is influenced by Product, Marketing,Customer Success, and Support.

Revenue: How to you make money? This channel is influenced by Product, Marketing, Sales, andCustomer Success.

Referral: Do users tell others? This channel is influenced by Product, Customer Success, and Support.



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