Integrating your project with Optimizely

We provide an integration with Optimizely so you can see the results of experiments that are being tested in Optimizely, right within your project.

To integrate your project with Optimizely, follow these steps:

1)  Select 'Integrations' from the Project 'Settings' menu

2) Select 'Optimizely' from the integrations modal window


3) Follow the prompts to enter your Optimizely credentials (you will need to enable pop-ups in your browser)

4) If the integration was successful, you will now have the ability to connect your active tests to Optimizely.  Mouseover the card and select 'Run in Optimizely'.

(Note: Only tests that are in the Active column on the Tests screen can be connected to Optimizely).


5) After clicking on 'Run in Optimizely', you will be prompted to enter the Optimizely Experiment ID.

You can find the Optimizely Experiment ID by logging into Optimizely and viewing the details for that experiment.  The Experiment ID will be displayed in the lower-right hand corner of the experiment details pane.

6) If the Optimizely Experiment ID you entered is valid, you will see the Optimizely results for that experiment when you view the card's details.


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