Creating Roadmap Objectives

Roadmap Objectives are an important way to communicate the growth goals your team expects to reach. They're also a great way to keep the team focused and its efforts transparent.

Roadmap Objectives consist of:

- A high-level objective
- A description
- A date range for tackling the objective
- The metric that is being grown
- The expected (quantifiable) result

For example: 'Increase recurring revenue growth by 50% in Q316'

Whereby the time frame is Q3, the metric is recurring revene and the expected key result is a 50% increase over the current recurring revenue.

Once you've created an objective, it's time to think of some ideas and design some experiments that will allow you to reach each objective.

To create an objective, go to 'Roadmap' in the left-hand navigation bar. You can then click on the 'New Roadmap Objective' button.


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